Saturday, December 13, 2008

Working on Identification Skills

Thought you'd like to see this little cutie!
I love the Black Capped Chickadee!

There are definitely TWO kinds of finches with
reddish coloring. The smaller ones with more color have
been here before. I looked them up and I believe
they are called 'House Finches'
Then these larger ones who came
today have less, but brighter color and their
beaks are thicker - 'Purple Finches'?

But, this 'little' visitor -
hmm... I think is a 'Gold Crowned Sparrow'.

I've been studying my 'Birds of the Puget Sound Region' book :)
and having fun learning to identify the different species according
to their markings and subtleties.
Thanks again everyone!
Your encouragement is so welcome here!


Jayne said...

I believe your little black capped is actually a chestnut backed chickadee Diane! Lucky you! :c) And the finches in the picture all look like house finches. The males have more red/purple on them. The actual "purple finch" is all raspberry colored with no brownish wings. There is a great web site called All About Birds (just Google it) and you can look up any bird to see the photos/facts etc. :c)

Diane said...

Oh Thank you, Jayne! I'll check out the site! You're great!

Shellmo said...

Came from Richard's blog (At the Water). Lovely shots - I like that birdfeeder that the chickadee is in!

ivars krafts said...

After seeing your blog recommended by Richard of At The Water, I had to check it out. I love your enthusiasm! Please keep writing and taking pictures. I've also mentioned you on my blog (the post will appear tomorrow)

vrajesh said...

i reached you from ivar krafts.i liked your blog ,will follow regularly.
thank you

Diane said...

Welcome Vrajesh! Hope you enjoy!

Diane said...

Hi Shellmo! Its amazing what necessity will inspire :) Come again!