Friday, December 5, 2008


Today, at 9:30am, I was ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED to see a flash go by my window - and I knew it was a long anticipated visitor. ;) I squeeled, jumped up, ran and got my camera!
Here are the photos of the VERY FIRST BIRD VISITORS to the beginning phase of my Bird Sanctuary. I'm not the best photographer and its gray today, so bear with me ;) To my understanding, I had 3 Blackcapped chickadees, a couple of Pinesiskins and a couple of Red(?) Finches. If I'm not correct, please let me know - I want to learn.
A special thank you to Jayne, who commented on my blog and said that they would come! Reminds me of that movie where the guy built the baseball field because he'd heard in his heart, "Build it and they will come." YAY! ! ! ! ! ! I'm so happy, I think I could FLY! ! ! !

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Jayne said...

Yay Diane!!! So happy for you! Yep, looks like the chickadee to me... the finches might be purple finch (I know, sort of odd since they are more red), or they might be house finches. Check out your bird guide for the differences in coloration. Now they'll tell all their birdy friends and you will see so many new visitors!