Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Morning Everyone!

Coming in for a Breakfast Landing!
Can you see the little Black Caps in the branches
of these last two photos? (clue: there's only 1
Black Cap in each photo) :)
Its getting milder - raining at present - and so I think our snow is soon to disappear. Regardless, its still a beautiful day at my feeders :)
I just read that you can mix lard, peanut butter, & bird seed together and press it into a pine cone. The birds love it? The suet cake I have out there is peanut butter - but they don't seem to relish it. What say ye? :)

Its a busy time of year and my attention is not only on taking care of the birds, but also on taking care of people. Our church is filling stockings which some of our people will take to Seattle in the next week to distribute to the homelesss. Jayne has a wonderful story on her blog this morning:
and I have an article on my website which I posted on Dec. 1st:
I think of all of you in the 'Storm Zone' and pray all your needs are met. Bless you all, friends!


ivars krafts said...

I love that you caught one in flight, Diane. Sorry about your snow -- ours probably won't leave until end of March/April.

Jayne said...

Boy that greenery has really added so much to your feeding station Diane! Thanks for the shout out. :c)

Yes, the birds love homemade suet and esp. with it this cold, you can be really creative. Pinecones can be great suet platters!

Diane said...

Thank you for the recipes folks!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Diane, I really like the greenery you have added to the feeding stations. I'm sure your birdies love it. I can't help you with the suet since my birds don't seem to like the peanut butter one I purchased either. Guess I need to make my own!!!! Your pine cone idea sounds neat.