Thursday, December 18, 2008


I woke up this morning to see a fresh covering of snow and then realized that a fine powder was still coming down! My dad used to say, that the Indians used to say :)
"Big snow - little snow. Little snow - big snow."
(which interpreted means) - If the flakes are big, it doesn't snow very much. If the flakes are small, it will snow a lot!" So, you know what I'm thinking? :)
Anyway, I looked out at my feeders and saw little Black eyed Juncos on the snow, scuffing around because the seed that had been there was covered - and covered deeper than they could scuff up. They all flew off, except one little guy, who sat there with snow in his beak and looked directly up into the window at me! We looked at each other for a few seconds (which seemed like a long time!). It was if he was saying, "HELP! ! !"
I went outside (in my pj's!) and threw some seed on the snow for him. My family laughed and said they should have taken a picture of this devoted birder. :) I only wish I had been able to get the photo of that little guy.
Snow... lots of different emotions, but, it quiets my heart from the rush, rush, rush because so many things will not be able to be done. I think I will finally get to paint today!

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