Saturday, December 20, 2008

Its Beginning to Storm

So here they come!
I've never seen so many birds at the feeders at one time -
until this afternoon!
Its was like a busy airport -
I wondered where 'Air Traffic Control' was!
(How do they stay warm and alive until the storm
is over - especially if it goes on and on until tomorrow


Betsy from Tennessee said...

My My---you have attracted LOTS of birds, Diane... They are getting lots of food in them before the storm gets worse and worse. I'm so glad you are taking good care of the birdies.

Diane said...

Thank you Betsy! Its so much fun!

Lynne said...

I think here in Minnesota we're in the same storm system. My yard birds were in an absolute feeding frenzy too. It's amazing they don't crash into each other flying about.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Looks like Grand Central have a wonderful set up with all the feeders together.

Jayne said...

Boy, they sure are enjoying your hospitality Diane, esp. being able to perch on the greenery! That's just so creative and thoughtful. Their internal thermostats are able to handle the cold for the most part, though I am sure very, very cold temps take it's toll on the bird populations some years.