Saturday, December 20, 2008


Yesterday I was so jazzed about the little bird prints in the snow in our addition.
I was also very happy to spot 3 Spotted Towhee under the hedge out past our feeders. The distance was too great to get a photo - but I did enjoy them from my kitchen with binoculars.

BUT, THIS MORNING ---- AHHHHHHH! ! ! ! ! There was this critter at the feeders!

I have never seen a RAT here before, or had any indication that there were any rats here! Amazing what the snow will show up! AND, boy is HE BOLD! Jeff went out to 'do something' - not sure what he was going to do about IT, and the RAT didn't move (even with the sound of the doors opening and closing) until Jeff was down off the steps! I got the 'Get Away' photo, as you can see :) question is, to all my Birder Friends, "Have you had this experience before?"! ! !

Hugs to you all - we're supposed to get more snow today - they are calling it a BLIZZARD - never had one of those in Sequim either! (I wonder if we'll have any church services for Christmas?)

And all this happened BEFORE COFFEE! ! !


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ah Diane.... All I can say is YUK. I have not seen any rats around here; however, I have read about them and heard that bird feeders can draw rats. BUT--I haven't ever seen any!!!! That looks like one big rat also... Gads!!!! I'm not sure they can actually get to the feeders though--but will only eat the droppings on the ground. Again though---I say YUK.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I have no advice but to get rid of the critter as soon as possible.Some species are not desireable.Good Luck.

Jayne said...

We had some once and it seemed as if they were living under our deck, and so we put out some "bait" for them to eat under the deck. And THAT, took care of that! :c) It's so disconcerting to look out and see a rat eating what you've put out for the birds!

Lynne said...

Eeek! I'm hoping it's too cold for rats up here in Minnesota.

So far we've gotten 6-8 inches toay and the snow hasn't stopped yet. I'm not complaining though, I love it.

Diane said...

You gals are GREAT! I'm so glad you're not 'rat-huggers' :) I have some good news! My 'Knight in Polypropylene' won the battle! No more Rat. So relieved! Thank you, hubby :)

ivars krafts said...

Pray for a hawk or owl! Of course the small songbirds may not like that either.

Anna Marie said...

Diane, What an unwelcome guest! I've never seen one of them in my yard though I know they're attracted to seed on the ground. You might try attaching trays to your feeders to catch any fallen seed. It doesn't prevent all seeds from falling but does catch most of them. I would caution against using any poisons because they can affect any animals "downstream" that might try to eat the dying or dead rat. You know-hawks, owls, cats, etc.
I'm glad your hubby was able to dispatch that varmint!

Earl and Debbi said...

Yesterday on our way home from town, we saw an owl flying out from your driveway. My friend in Tacoma has an owl near her feeders, but they seem to prey on the birds more than on the critters. Good luck Diane, and I miss seeing you at Church.

Leedra said...

I agree with Betsy. YUK, but actually it is a constant worry with us living in open fields. My concern is they will come into the garage after the bird feed. I keep the birdfeed in containers, and right now for convience I have them in my sunroom. The sunroom might be more secure than the garage.

Diane said...

Thanks, Leedra. For now, I keep the seed in my back entry (pretty secure)and my husband got rid of the rat - pronto :)
Thanks to everyone for your empathy and advice. YOU'RE GREAT!