Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Disappearing Wreath

In my second post, which hasn't been too long ago, (12/04/08), you can see a picture of the Seed Wreath that I hung for my birds - the photo will give you an idea of how big it was.
In the post entitled, "HELP!" you will see what happened to the Seed Wreath - that was a sad day - but I came up with a solution in the post, "New Visitors in the Morning".
The whole idea of the wreath didn't seem to impress the birds until I had that incredible 'fly-in' on Christmas morning! Since the 25th, its been noticeably disappearing everyday!
Sometimes, I've counted as many as 36 birds at the feeders - and of course, you know there are more, because they keep flying in and out and you can never get them all in one place at one time and what I've noticed, and thoroughly enjoyed, is that they seem to be very comfortable in the wire basket. They will sit there and eat and eat and eat - sometimes a half dozen or more birds for longer periods of time, compared to the feeders.
Well, today, I went out and took a photo of the Seed Wreath - IN ONE WEEK they just about cleaned it up! ! ! WOW!
Instead of replacing the wreath, I'm thinking about putting a tray in the basket and filling it with seed (the wreath was $14.00 - gone in one week!) and see if they behave the same way - staying longer.
Anyway, this is all part of the stuff I don't want to forget, so I just had to post the final act of
"The Disappearing Wreath" - - -


Betsy from Tennessee said...

I don't know about that wreath since I haven't bothered with anything like that. BUT--I will tell you Diane that my birds LOVE the big plastic container (like a big plate) that I put lots of seeds in. They will sit in that plate for a very long time and love it--better than any of the fancy feeders.

Good Luck!!!! Happy New Year.

Diane said...

Thanks Betsy! Have a wonderful new year :)

Kallen305 said...

The birds must love that wreath!! What kind of seed is on it do you know?

Happy New Year Diane!

Jayne said...

WOW Diane! Just look at that disappearing wreath! Once they found it, the word must have spread. :c)
Happy New Year to you... may the coming year be filled with all sort of birding happiness!

Leedra said...

And now that the word has spread look to spend more money on seeds and yes it won't be wreaths, except for Christmas next year.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The birds are obviously loving your feeders.My guess is that they will keep on coming as long as they find some kind of seeds.Enjoy the activity and let the rest of us know how it goes.