Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome to My World

I've posted a couple of times already today - I hope I don't wear out my welcome ;)
But, I really wanted to share this evening's sunset with everyone and say,
"Welcome to My World!"
I am in awe over the colors and the design in the clouds. I think it looks somewhat like a dove.
What do you all think? I'd love to hear what your imaginations see :)
Many thanks to Rebekah for all the beautiful photos she took today!


Lynne said...

I see a hand.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful sunset with all of us.It is gorgeous.

ivars krafts said...

That's just awe inspiring!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Whatever you see, it is GORGEOUS!!! Wow--love the colors!!

Diane said...

WOW,Lynne,good imagination!
Betsy,I love winter sunsets in Sequim, Wa. - very often spectacular!
Awe-inspiring, indeed, Ivars. Absolutely!

spookydragonfly said...

Yes, Diane...a dove is what I see, too! Beautiful!

Jayne said...

I am bathed in the spectacular colors alone... awe inspiring!

Diane said...

Good Morning Everyone! The truly beautiful thing is, Rebekah's camera is so good, there is no photo shop done on these sunsets!