Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Beach, A Sketch and Black Capped Chickadees

I came home yesterday from a 3 day trip to Long Beach, Wa. where I love to go for refreshment!
The weather on Monday was beautiful and on Tuesday, I completed a sketch for a watercolor painting I would like to do before Christmas. WHEN? - I don't know!
The little birds that have discovered my feeders were on my mind, so my sketch is of a Black Capped Chickadee on a holly branch. :)
I found a 'fix' for the broken cranberry seed wreath - I placed it in a wire hanging flower basket on top of some pieces of wood. The birds can find it easily and the seeds won't fall through the wires. Looks like its going to be ok.
I was very happy to see about double the number of bird visitors this morning! And, to my great delight -- a couple of black capped chickadees were feeding on the ground! Marvelous!

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Jayne said...

Welcome home Diane! Glad you found a way to salvage the wreath. They'll eat it just the same, I am sure. :c)