Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Today is beautiful and FREEZING! ! !
I went out and got some clippings from our hedge (Jeff, my husband had pruned some earlier this week) and I proceeded to create a mini-woods :) for my little freezing visitors.
First I made a 'frame work' out of stiffer branches (fir, maybe?).
Then, I filled it out with cedar. Oh! and I put a ribbon on the squirrel baffle :) Now, I'll wait and see how long it takes the birds to figure out that the feeders are still there!
My hands were NUMB when I got done!
I've also included a photo of my backyard - complete with the view of the Olympic Mountains that were covered by snow clouds the other day. And I'm thinking, my photos are not turning out so great because my feeders are on the north side of the house - in the shade! :( Hmm...
And, here's a photo of 3 of My Very Own Song Birds :)
Andrew, Charisa and Halleleyah - practicing for a 'Christmas Surprise' Hmmm.... :)
Stay inside, my friends and enjoy the view! :)


Jayne said...

What a glorious idea Diane! I love the branches on the feeders to give the birds a perching place and a place to feel more comfortable. Didn't take long for them to find it I see!

Your songbirds are the prettiest! ;c)

Diane said...

Thank you! Its so much FUN to do things for these little creatures!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It looks like you should be getting lovely pictures when the birds come to the feeders.Good looking family as well.

Anna Marie said...

Wonderful idea with the boughs. Nature Knitter and I both attach branches to our pole systems to allow for additional perching space. The birds seem to like that a lot.
Your family looks so happy :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Diane---You are SO good to your birdies in this cold and snowy weather. I am fortunate to have a large Rhododendron very near my feeders--so they do have a place to 'hide'.

What a nice looking family... Musicians, huh? SO NEAT!!!! You can listen to LIVE Christmas music and watch the birds all at the same time.

Diane said...

You all make birding SO MUCH FUN!
You're all wonderfully encouraging, not just on my blog, but as I read and learn from yours too! Happy Birding to All! ! !