Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Song Sparrow Series - Discovery

 (One of the dangers of leaving too much time between experience, photos and actual posting, is getting dates and times mixed up. Last post had some such errors - which I've corrected. The photos of the mother sparrow on the nest were taken on the 14th, not the 17th. My apologies for the mix up.)
I was getting a little anxious because of the heat and wondering if the eggs were viable. When the mother didn't get off the nest, the last time I'd checked, I was concerned that either she wasn't feeling well, maybe due to her neck injury, or that the eggs might be hatching. When I could, I would watch for her to leave the nest and come to the feeders, so I could go out and see what, if anything, was happening.
Three days later, our paths crossed, so to speak - I was at the window when she came to eat. I grabbed my camera and went out there, almost at a run.
I peaked in and this is what I found....
 I was so excited, I could hardly hold the camera still enough to get a photograph of this brand new baby! It is unfortunate that I hadn't checked the nest sooner in the week. Ten days had gone by, so I'm really not sure exactly how old the baby was at this point. It looked pretty new - maybe a day or two - but, for my purposes I called this Day 1.
As soon as I touched a branch with my camera, the baby's head immediately popped up,  eyes barely opened but beak opened wide, and it made the tiniest "squeek" baby bird sound. I knew it would be OK because the mother was eating at the feeders and would be bring supper really soon.
(Next time: The First Week of Growth)
(Photos taken 07-17-2010, Canon Rebel, Xsi 1.4 lens)

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Song Sparrow Series - Activity at the Nest

I apologize for leaving so many days in between posts. In addition to getting my daughter ready for Running Start at the local community college, I've been busy selling and ordering my college textbooks for September! I've registered for three 5 credit classes - Anthropology, Economics and Eng.102. I am excited to be able to go full time. Don't tell anyone, but, I'm already enjoying the Literature text. ;)
I left my story hanging in the air, so while I have a few moments, I will catch you up from where I left off. The story began July 4th when my son found the nest in the rhododendron bush, and my last post was about the song sparrow mother bathing in the water dish on July 7th and 8th. 
It was the afternoon of the 14th when I went out to check on the nest. The mother sparrow was sitting on the nest and she didn't move  - even when I got pretty close! 
I was glad to see that the rhodie leaves were providing her with some shade. You might laugh, but I had seriously considered putting up an umbrella or something to protect her from the elements - her nest seemed to be so exposed.
I was so thankful that she didn't scurry away. She let me take a couple of pictures and then I left so as not to disturb her too much.
When I looked at the photos, I was delighted! She looked like a radiant momma - a gleam of light in her eye.  I was thinking that her eggs must be ready to hatch soon - if all was well.

(Just a reminder - click on the photo to see an enlarged view)
(Next time - Three days later - Discovery!)
(Photo taken 07-14-2010; Canon Xsi 250mm lens)