Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I finished another quarter of college courses and Spring has sprung!
Here are a couple of pictures I've taken recently....

I was coming home from a walk and noticed an eagle soaring in the sky. The first thing I knew there were 8 eagles soaring together! I could hardly believe my eyes!
There is no way anybody would believe that story and I wished I had had my camera along - the iPhone just wouldn't reach that far.
Then, as I came into the driveway, there they were flying over my backyard! And what are the chances that they would still be there by the time I got my camera and tripod out there???
These eagles were WAY up there. I'm glad I could get enough of an image to record the event. We never see that many eagles together around here.
I cannot believe how brilliant the male house finches get this time of year! This guy was busy too. There was another (lesser) male at the feeders and a female, so there was quite a bit of activity for a few minutes as he proved himself worthy of her attention. This photo is untouched - I didn't even want to lighten it. I really didn't want to disturb the color. I took a trip to Victoria with my daughter and had my iPhone along. These pigeons were in front of the bank - looks like they and the humans who feed them are regulars there. I love this shot because it looks like the pigeon is looking at me in the same way that I'm looking at her. I wondered if she was thinking, "iPhone? iPigeon!"

Well, that's all for now - Oh, wait!
I started a couple of new blogs - one strictly for iPhotos. I edit very little but will post how and when I do edit. I am enjoying the iPhone camera more than anything I've ever had in my pocket ;) It's great fun and I've been amazed at the kind of photos I've been able to get.
You can see this blog at: Feel free to comment and let me know you've been there ;)

The other blog is for my cat - Mr. Kitty. I know - I must sound totally silly, but he is such a character and I have so many photos of him that I thought it would be fun to have him start telling his story and evolve into some photos with captions, basically a fun creative outlet for me.
This blog is at: Again, I would love to know if you drop by ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying the chorus of bird songs in their yards! It is amazing here - I absolutely love it!