Monday, January 5, 2009

Walkin' in a Robin Wonderland!

I got to go for a walk today - first time since before Thanksgiving! YIKES! I took a familiar route, just up the street from our house. As I approached the intersection, it was like I entered a whole other world! There must be a flock of 30 -40 robins hanging out in that area! They were everywhere and singing constantly!
Its interesting how much we miss when we're not concentrating or focused on detail, but after spying on my little fragile pine siskins, finches, juncos and chickadees for the past month - the robins looked and felt like B52 bombers by comparison! WOW! They have a presence that I have not appreciated before!
I noticed that their wings 'hang down' - is that common?
Well, it was delightful - I felt like I was in a Robin Wonderland -- I'm sure passersby wondered about me!
When I came home, my little friend was there to greet me. Everybody is becoming familiar and attached to him. I need to think of a name to fit this delicate, sweet, fluffy, precious being that wants to be near me. What an incredible gift!

I took this photo at that moment. Again, I am so close that my camera didn't focus on him, it focused past - and that could be my fault, because I get soooo excited inside when I'm that near, I can hardly focus my eyes and I'm not paying full attention to the camera. I am 'maybe' 2 1/2 feet from him - not even an arm's length away.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

You could almost 'reach out and touch' that baby, coudn't you????

Great Robin pictures also.

Diane said...

Oh, Betsy! YES! If I wasn't holding the camera I would have been able to. I've touched him already a couple of times - this is more than wondermous!

Kallen305 said...

What a precious little bird. It is so cute that he is getting so close to you.

I too am in awe over how much I had missed over the past decades. I never paid attention to the nature around me. Now that I am aware there is usually some kind of adventure whenever I go outside. Great robin pictures.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a blessing to be out and enjoy nature.Robins have a way of brightening any day.Your little friend is pretty special.

Jayne said...

Diane, I didn't realize for a long time that a Robin is actually a thrush species. They do have pretty long wings though! :c) I love to see the Robins return.

Your little Pine Siskin friend is adorable!

Richard said...

First, what happened to your snow? I don't see robins out here in the country but others in MN. say they are seeing lots of them in the cities. Robins do set quite often with their wings lowered. Don't know why. Maybe they are just resting them.

Diane said...

Ha! Richard, this is the normal winter color of the Northwest so it doesn't take long for snow to disappear! Its perfect 'retirement' climate! :)