Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Title

I woke this morning at 5:45. It is pouring rain - a constant, heavy, soaking, bone-chilling rain.
The rain brings out the melancholy in me - big time; so, this post will be factual to keep it from turning into mud.
I watched the birds at my feeders this morning. The flock is growing so quickly. Not a good day for photos, sorry. The record for attendance still goes to the pine siskins. At one point, I counted 20 birds on the feeders, with that many or more on the ground. I looked out a little further and saw more in puddles and even more in the tree tops where they perch. There are a few dark eyed juncos, a few finches, still only 2 chickadees and only 1 spotted towhee which is very timid.
My little friend was here - perching as if to try and see me in the window. I've decided to call him/her Faith, based on the quote I had found "Faith is the bird that feels the light..." - My daughter, Halleleyah, can now spot Faith as quickly as I can and she is equally affectioned by it.
Faith isn't startled by my movements at the window like so many are. Faith remains at the feeders for very long periods, even when there are no other birds feeding.
I've noticed there are definite feeding periods - I can almost set my clock by them!
The cover over my tray feeder is not big enough - need to improve that somehow.
Chickadees favor the suet I made - they will come and take about 5 bites before they fly off.
I haven't seen the stellar jay after that one visit.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Diane, I also have LOTS and LOTS of Pine Siskins. BUT--I have lots of Tufted Titmice, Chickadees, Goldfinch--and a few Cardinals and Carolina Wrens. OH---I still have my Red-bellied and my Downy woodpeckers.

My Chickadees like the sunflower seed and the safflower seed more than the Suet. Only my Downy and the Carolina Wren seem to like the Suet.

One never knows--do we???? Have a good day--and don't float away!!!

Diane said...

Hi Betsy - isn't it interesting all the differences from region to region? Thank you for sharing your bird world with me!

Diane said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish it were raining here today! My four-year old injured and broke his finger yesterday evening (skateboard incident), and I have had to sit with him today so that he doesn't move around too would be much nicer if it was raining, because I wouldn't feel the pressure of all of the items on my to-do list, LOL! :)

I like how you chose a name for the friendly pine siskin!


Jayne said...

Even with my domes and covers, with this much rain we've had, the seed just gets wet. Hard to prevent it sometimes. Stay dry Diane!

Diane said...

Thank you, Jayne. I was beginning to wonder...I don't want to get lost in 'detail management' and lose the joy of my everyday visitors. You're a wonderful comrade!