Thursday, January 15, 2009

So, I have discovered the culprit! ! ! It is "Tinker Bell" - the kitty.
I looked out the window, yesterday, and there she was - as comfortable as you please crouched right under the feeders gazing intently heavenwards! A most frightening sight for this bird enthusiast!
I think I scared her pretty good, but that's only temporary and will only serve to sharpen her reasoning skills to figure out how to get back and not get caught. We don't have an easy solution here - the back yard is not kitty-escape-proof and 2 of us have allergies to cat dander so that keeping her inside is not an option.
Maybe fencing in some way?
Aside from that and yet along with it, I am beginning to think of Spring Planting. The next phase in the development of My Bird Sanctuary Dream is the addition of bird-friendly vegetation. I would like to plant small trees and shrubs that produce food for the birds. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd gladly welcome them. I've done some researching on my own, but there's nothing like the advice from experienced friends!
Hope you all are having a wonderful day - regardless of the cold! Keep safe and Take Joy!

This is not Tinker Bell. This is Skittles, a cat we had a couple of years ago. I didn't put too much effort in to attracting birds at that time, so he was not a major threat - except to those that were passing through. We would find him in the oddest places! I don't think he was too smart - what bird in their right mind is going to fly home with this obvious predator at the door! He made us laugh more than once!


Leedra said...

LOL - love the last photo. Bet you didn't have any takers on that birdhouse.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Well Diane---I don't have any answers for your situation. It's either inside cats (which you can't have) or cats outside which means no birds... Maybe you could build an area like a big cage to keep the cat in --part of the day. BUT--they wouldn't like that. I don't know the answer. Maybe others have some ideas.


Kallen305 said...

I have indoor cats, but my neighbor does not. I have resorted to putting chicken wire around my feeders with enough room for the birds to flee should they need to.

I have been keeping an eye out for paw prints in the bird feeding area to see if any cats have gotten in there (the snow will tell me), but they have not. They don't like the chicken wire and if they do make a mad dash at a bird they have to jump up and it gives the bird some time to escape.

Cats also don't like to hunt using this method as they like to pounce and jump down on their victim in one felt swoop which they cannot do because of the fencing which breaks their momentum.

I also don't feed the birds in late spring to mid fall, when the cat is outdoors more. He doesn't go out much during the winter, so I feel safe feeding my birds with the fencing around the stations.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I think that kitty is planning on a good meal,but the birds are one up on him.LOL

ivars krafts said...

I take it that Tinker Bell has a bell around her neck? (I'm guessing based on the name.) If not, that's something you could consider.

Diane said...

Definitely considering a bell. Hadn't before because she was somewhat confined - up until lately. Our daughter is trying to use the situation as leverage to convince us to get her a puppy! There's no problem keeping a dog in our backyard. Hmmm....