Friday, January 2, 2009

Bird Food Court

Now that my wreath has disappeared - and all my friends are cheering me on in good fashion to other great ideas of how to make the money stretch a little farther - I went shopping today!Michael and Halleleyah gave me a gift certificate to WBU for Christmas - so I took Halleleyah on a 'Bird Shopping Excursion' :)
It was great and Halleleyah was very curious, patient and opinionated! (which made for extra fun for me to have her so interested in the project!) When I had narrowed my choices down to a couple of things, she was very adamant about my final purchase, which, again, was wonderful because this is probably what she would have bought for me if she had known it was an option.
I bought a tray feeder - because I've been reading quite a few posts about the joys of such a thing :) and I mounted it under the squirrel baffle - hoping to keep the seed a little drier than not. I attached my suet cage inside the baffle too - I don't think they like this one tho', so, I'm going to mix some up tomorrow from the recipes that were sent to me from some of you!
I was also pricing seed. I shopped at a few different places and the going rate for just about anything you would choose - from mixes to single seed - is from .80 cents to 1.50lb. ! Some of you are getting some seed at about .50cents a pound - not here :(
Well, anyway, I searched for the most economical purchases and hope that it works for the birds! (In the tray feeder -- safflower, black oil sunflowers, peanuts and I added some treats to get them interested in it -- chopped raisins, dried apples and a few pecans :)
What is it about feeding the birds that just brings out all the nurturing instincts possible???
While I was out by the feeders, I noticed just how cold it was today! The little water wells were frozen in the water-er! I wonder if birds like to skate?


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Diane, I love reading your posts. It's so neat finding others who love birds as much as I do. Your new tray is wonderful. They'll love it. Can't wait to see pictures of lots of birds in that tray!!!!

Lynne said...

I really like that water "feeder". Do you mind if I ask where you fot it?

Leedra said...

I had wondered earlier about this watering device. Wondered what would happen if it froze. The water in the cups will thaw, but will that bottle split?

You will never be sorry you got the platform feeder.

Diane said...

You girls are FAST! We must all be at the computer together - how fun!
Thank you Betsy for the kind compliment on my writing - I am having sooooo much fun!
Lynne,the water/feeder was a Christmas present from my friend. She told me she ordered it from
Leedra, because of the cold weather, I've only put a little water in the 'device'(good word). There was only a 'skim' of ice, but tonight I'm going to empty it and bring it inside. By the way, the cups are supposed to be big enough for the birds to bathe! I've had to swish it out because of their droppings - and it can also be used as a feeder! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

What a nice set-up! Do you have any trouble with crows/ravens? Every time I hang a feeder in our backyard, the crows take over...I even put a fake owl out there and moved it around, but they do not go away...

Kallen305 said...

Diane, I have the same water cooler and leave mine out in the winter on a tree in my yard that gets full sun. It usually melts by 12 noon so the birds can drink out of it. I have never seen them take baths out of it, but it is so cute to see the chickadees and goldinfinches perched next to one another taking sips from the cooler. You will LOVE it when the weather is better.

Jayne said...

The birds will LOVE that tray feeder, and it's good you have the dome over it so that your seed does not get too wet. My sister has one of the water bottle trays too and the birds love it.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Diane,looks to me like you have a great feeding and water system set up for the birds.Once this bird'bug' has bitten we go to great lengths to please the birds.But it is so worth it.
Have fun.

Diane said...

Good Morning Ladies!
No, SK, no problems with crows. But, maybe someone who reads my blog will comment on that - one lady has had terrible experiences with starlings and house sparrows.
Thank you, Jayne and Ruth - I'm glad I listened to Halleleyah ;) Somehow she was convinced that this was the best purchase ;)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I have one of the water feeders. I haven't used it yet. I'll have to give it a try now.

I just wanted to thank you for the comment you left me today. You brought tears to my eyes and made my day. Thank you so much!