Friday, January 2, 2009

Cranberry Fare Seed Wreath

For all my Fine Feathered Friends (and those who don't have feathers!)
and for Kallen in particular :) --
here is an advertisement listing the ingredients for the
Seed Wreath that Disappeared!
I've just talked with a gal at WildBirds Unlimited and she said that the
Christmas items are 25% off right now and they have lots of these types
of items available.
It only took those little beaks ONE WEEK to clean this up!

"It doesn't get much cooler than food in a tube. Our
Cranberry Fare Seed Wreaths are a convenient way to
attract more birds to your feeders. They're packed with
pecans, peanuts, black oil and sunflower chips, safflower
and cranberries to attract a large variety of birds. They
love the taste; you'll love the simplicity.
Cranberry Fare Seed Wreath $17.99"


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks for the info on the wreath, Diane. I may just have to get one--although I am already spending boo-koos of money on the birds. (George just rolls his eyes!!! ha)

Richard said...

A 20 lb. bag food is about 10 times more then you have there, the same mix of ingredients, and would cost you the same. Just put it out in a flat feeder and save yourself lots of money and the birds will still love you just as much. Here they call the mix a "Walter's Mix" but that may be something done locally.

But by getting the wreath, we all got a good picture of

Kallen305 said...

HA!! I love it!!! I am going to go check it out and see if I can make one with some lard.

Richard is onto something with his advise. Diane, do you make your own suet or do you buy it? It is super easy and fun to boot. I bet you could make yourself a whole bunch of those with a cake pan, bird seed and lard.

I love the photo of you with the wreath you look so happy putting it out there for your feathered friends. It is so fun to pamper the birds.

Off to check out the link now

Thanks again

Diane said...

Betsy - they are a luxury for sure - running a little over $6.00 a pound. I'm trying a 'loose' method. Thanks to Richard!
Richard, good photo? Hmmm.... lol
Kallen, wish you were here - we'd have fun tomorrow making suet :)

Jayne said...

I agree with everyone too... it's a cute packaged gift, but you can certainly make up a good bit of seed mix for $18! I also find great bargains on 20lb bags of seed at our local Tractor Supply Store, so if you have one nearby, check them out too. :c)