Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just Reporting In

Life happens in bunches - and so to try and tell you all the reasons I've been off the radar would take a long time and get rather complicated.
Probably the biggest reason, tho', is that there hasn't been any great discoveries in my Bird Sanctuary in the last number of days - funny, how, just as I'm going through this dramatic drop in bird visitors, my blog gets announced in WBU advertisement! If I didn't have photos, I'd think I had been dreaming of the huge flock of 60 or more that were visiting regularly.
Anyway, it makes my heart a little teary to look out and see only a half dozen birds a couple of times a day - not to mention the shock.
The kitty may have something to do with it? We saw her with a little bird the other day, but we're not sure where she got it. She spends most of her time in the backyard (opposite side of the house) and in H.'s bedroom. If she was stalking the feeding station, I could see why they have scattered, but that's not the case. So, I don't know. . .
My little bird friend, Faith, still comes - yes, I still have 'faith' :)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Don't give up, Diane. They'll be back. It could be the cat.. Birds are smart. They won't go places where trouble lurks. OR--there could be a hawk around searching for his dinner.. There's all kinds of reasons. BUT--they'll be back soon I'm sure.

Leedra said...

Could be the cat, try to get the feeders further away from anything than the cat can leap. As Betsy said you could have a hawk hiding close by.

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Keep the faith,they will be back.If the food supply is constant the birds will return.I sure hope it happens soon,as I miss hearing from you.

Jayne said...

Then again, maybe life is just getting in a way a bit. I know mine is right now. Even if there were birds, I am less likely to see them for I am way distracted by "stuff" at the current moment. They'll be back Diane... they love you too much now. :c)

Diane said...

You ladies are WONDERFUL cheerleaders! Thank you for your encouragement. Its obvious I have a lot to learn - I guess that's to be expected when I've only been serious about birds for 6 weeks!

Abraham Lincoln said...

Cats, especially feral cats, are deadly killers and the Audubon Society says or has said they are responsible for the deaths of millions of "song birds" every year. I don't allow them here.

The birds have learned or are learning that your place is no longer safe and while it might be due to the weather, I would guess it is the cat that is responsible for the decline in birds.

We have had very cold temps and lots of ice and snow and the feeders here are filled with birds most of the time. Lots of Niger thistle seed and sunflower chips and suet cakes disappear along with raw peanuts and peanuts in the shells. And we have a heated water dish so they can get a drink no matter how cold it gets.