Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sparrow House Activity Update

Remember the Sparrow couple I posted on May 7th?
Well, they must have liked the house because now...
 ...this mother sparrow is back and forth
carrying flying insects, two at a time!
Because I was so close to the house, she was very cautious.
First, she would fly along the hedge watching me.
Then she would land on the top of the swingset
and watch some more.
Finally, she would land on the house....

...pop in...
...and pop out, again! 
She did this, over and over, 
until sunset...
(Photos taken 05/22/2010 - Canon Rebel Xsi; 250mm lens, f 8,0, ISO 400 and 800)

1 comment:

Samuel said...

It is so neat to see them get food for their babies!