Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hummingbird Nest

My son works for landscape company and yesterday he brought home a hummingbird's nest. The owner of the property wanted his trees trimmed. When the crew went to the job a while ago, they found the nest and it was occupied. They "flagged" it, and waited until it was no more activity. Yesterday, when they checked it, there was a broken egg and a dead baby, which they removed before trimming the branch.
I am truly fascinated with it. It is remarkably small and masterfully crafted. I cannot imagine a little hummingbird constructing such a sturdy piece of work, nor can I imagine how two little birds could reside in the small cavity until it was time to fly. They must be so tiny when they leave the nest!
depth along the branch - 2 in.; 
circumference outside edge to outside edge - 11/2 in.; 
circumference inside edge to inside edge - 1 in;
I have no idea how the nest is attached to the branch! The above  photo is the back and there is nothing there that has substantial holding power.
It seems that the main component of the nest is the light green stringy moss woven to form the cup shape. On the outside of the stringy moss is a layer of "chips" - used like shingles - I imagine to keep it dry? The inside is lined with tightly woven cotton - similar to the cotton I have at the feeder stations - finches love it for nesting.
The next photo shows the bottom of the nest. Nothing can penetrate the walls of the nest - and if I were a hummingbird baby, I think I would be pretty comfortable as long as I fit!
I never tire of the wonders of the world around me. No matter how I may be feeling or what is going on in my life, the created world always intrigues me, amazes me, and speaks of the peace, joy and love of the Creator to me.

(Photos taken 05/19/2010; Canon Rebel Xsi, 1.4 lens, f5.6, ISO 400)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

These are true marvels of nature.

Jayne said...

Amazing construction to be sure!

Samuel said...

Nice nest. Aren't they amazing?

Diane said...

Yes, Samuel and Ruth - hummingbird nests are really amazing! I wonder if anyone has a video of them building one? I think that would be very cool to watch!