Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bee Greetings

Seemed like she was on one of her first outings after the long winter. The sun was warming and waking up all living things it touched - including me! 
I was out taking photos of blossoms when I heard the sound of her wings buzzing. I'm not afraid of that sound. It came closer and closer, and then, it stopped. My ears told me to look down. There she was - nibbling on my laces. 
She wasn't very fast or energetic; instead, she had a dreamy look about her. I knew she meant no harm so I spent a moment watching her - enjoying the close-up view of the bee on my shoe. ;)
Then, not wanting to pass up a photo opportunity, I took her picture, wished her well, and soon, she floated up into the air again.


Jayne said...

A nice resting place for her for just a moment. :c) What a wonderful, sharp photo Diane!

Diane said...

Thank you, Jayne! The 1.4 lens is so great for close-ups! Do you have one?