Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Morning Rituals

This morning, the yard was a flurry of bird activity - flying around from tree to tree, feeding at the feeders, getting cotton for nests...
(this isn't the sharpest photo, but I liked the light on the front of the male and how he watched "over" her while she got cotton for their nest.)
 The chestnut-backed chickadee was in the plum tree again - and he was busy grooming himself for the day.
He could stretch and scratch - at the same time!
When he was satisfied with his handsome-self, he finally noticed that I was taking pictures of his morning ritual, and he looked down at me and scowled for my impropriety!
However, his appetite got the best of him and off he flew into the cherry tree for breakfast.
Once he landed, his attitude changed. He looked back to see if I was getting his good-side!
  ...and then I was soon ignored for whatever tasty bits he found among the leaves.
Thank you, Mr. Chickadee! It was delightful watching you this morning!

(Canon Rebel Xsi 250mm - cropping, and adjustment for exposure)
I'm having trouble with this new version of blogger editor - things don't see to line up correctly :(

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Ruth's Photo Blog said...

These pictures show a morning such as I would like to have every day.Lots of birds and sunshine.Hope each day brings more beauty your way.