Friday, May 14, 2010

An Example of Perfect Design

I was taking a random test shot yesterday - checking exposure, etc. - getting ready for an action shot between two male house finches at the feeders. This gold finch was just sitting there - so he was Mr. Random. I never did get pictures of the house finches, but when I checked my memory card this evening, I was struck by this photo.
The perfect designs in nature never cease to grab my attention and Mr. Random looks like he is posing to make the most of the opportunity to show me, once again, the handsome design of the cloak he wears everyday.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a fantastic picture.Sometimes its nice to focus on the details instead of just seeing a bird. I love this one.

Diane said...

Thank you so much, Ruth! I have always enjoyed detail and am having fun seeing it up close in my photos ;) Enjoy your weekend!

MaineBirder said...

Beautiful, detailed photo of nature at its best!

Jayne said...

He is such a pretty boy! Lovely shot Diane!