Friday, May 21, 2010

The Birds and the Wasp?

A quick update on the Grackles -
Jayne suggested putting out safflower seed, so I went to Walmart and picked up a bag. I also got a new tube feeder that is a better quality than the ones I used to have; with that I bought a bag of "Songbird Seed" by Scott - mostly niger thistle and a few little tiny seeds, all of which fit through the small finch port on the tube feeder.
I loaded the tube feeder; put fresh blackoil sunflower seeds in the tray feeder; filled one of the house style feeders with safflower seeds (took the other one down for now); filled the water dish and took down the suet cake. And then I waited.
It didn't take long for the Grackles to appear. The feeders had been empty since the day before. They jumped from here to there and back again - even looked on the ground for seed. They returned about six times, aftere which I didn't see them the rest of the day. Then, they came only once this morning. I get the idea they don't like safflower seed  very well? ;)
In the meanwhile, the finches have come back strong, and, of course, that makes me extra happy! One pretty little female is pulling cotton like crazy for a nest that is up about 50 ft in the tree! 
Later this afternoon, when I was going to sit down and look at my camera book, I saw a wasp on the outside of my window and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try some close-up photography.
The downside is that the photos are through a double-paned window that isn't very clean :(  The upside, however, is that I got some really interesting shots!
He was grooming himself, so in this photo he is reaching for his antenna while scratching under his leg.
 Look at those pinchers! Scary equipment!
 When Mr. Kitty heard the beep and the shutter of the camera, he had to come investigate for himself. I wonder what they are thinking as they look at each other through a glass barrier?
(All photos were taken with the Canon Rebel Xsi, 18-55mm lens, f 8.0, ISO 1600 - edited for cropping and sharpening - click on each photo for enlarged view - ;)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Now that is the best way to take pictures of a wasp.Everyone is safe and you get good pictures.

Diane said...

Yes, that's true, Ruth :)