Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Lengths Will You Go To For Morning Coffee?

I was on auto pilot this morning. I grabbed the coffee pot and was headed to the sink for water when I saw THIS in my sink ! ! ! Believe me, it put me in high-gear right away! I had to take a picture because I knew no one would believe me if I told them how big this intruder was.
But, alas, no one was impressed or appreciated my battle to regain possession of my territory!
My daughter said, "Ooooh! Gross! I didn't need to know that! I know they live in the walls, and I can live with that..." (I'm not sure how she 'knows' that, but somehow she's ok with them in the walls; at least she can't see them there.)
Then she said, "My husband better be fearless, or I'll be calling you!"
(I laughed and said, "Then you'd better be nice to me." ;)
Oh well... its amazing what a woman, who is desperate for coffee, will do!
May your day be Spider-free :)
(Gee...I hope I don't lose any readers over this!)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yuk!So far my day has been spider free.Whew.HOpe that coffee was extra delicious.

Richard said...

Just your everyday 2 1/2" spider. I'll tried you by bugs for your spider and even throw in a cup or two of coffee.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...


Jayne said...

ACK! Spider on steroids! Don't even want to know how you "did away" with this one. :c)

Sidney Trobairitz said...

I don't cotton to spiders in sinks either. Or bathtubs, or corners, come to think of it. And I seldom consider "catch and release," oddly, because I always catch and release hornets.