Monday, August 3, 2009

On My Walk

This evening I went for a walk on my usual route.
Nothing fancy, just a quiet rural road.
My mind wasn't fancy either.
I was on auto-pilot, but on the verge of descending.
This little poppy was growing on the side of the road.
Unpretentious, with a silk rouge complexion, it floated
and danced, as if on purpose to make me smile.

And then my attention was taken by these
tall delicate wildflowers.
I've never seen them before.
I couldn't help but stop for a while to study
and enjoy them.

This is one of hundreds of blooms on a landscape shrub.
It absolutely 'zinged' my heart!

Somewhere along the way, I looked up and realized
that I was in the middle of a gift.
The flowers (too many to put in one post)
were little messages of God's constant presence
in all of the universe.

On the left, the trees grow along the river.
On my right was the setting sun.
Ahead of me are the mountains.
Behind me - the past.

Only in the present moment can I take a step
that goes forward.
Only in the present moment is the Presence
with the Peace and Provision
that I need.



Jayne said...

Beautiful, Diane... just beautiful!

beloved said...

May you experience His love everywhere, Sweet Friend.. embracing you in all circumstance.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Beautiful photos and even more beautiful- your words.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

How wonderful to know without a doubt that our God is everywhere.