Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sunday Nature Encounter - Part I

I am very happy to be able to post these photos! I accidentally deleted them from the memory card, thinking I had a real file of them on my desktop - only to find out (by learning, which is often the hard way) that the icon on the desktop was only a short cut to the memory card files!
What a disappointment! But, after many hours of trying to retrieve them by using 'free' programs online (which are only free until they show you they CAN retrieve your photos), and finding they wanted $$$ before they would GIVE me the photos, I finally decided to buy a program. I figured, "If I did this once, I could do it again!" So, now, I am prepared for next time.
This is the only pic that turned out in the set I took of some eagles. They live much too high for my camera :( But, this one I liked because of the 'mood'...

Tomorrow I will post more :)


beloved said...

I need to get you a good SLR with a powerful telephoto lens, so you can capture those soaring, majestic beauties!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am sure glad you could retrieve your pictures.This is a moody sort of picture,I like it.