Monday, August 10, 2009

Test Results

I surprised myself.

Pre-Algebra - 85
Reading - 94
Writing - 99 (she said it was a perfect score?)

Registered to hold a spot in English 101 Online.

Thanks again to everyone for all the prayers, cheers and
votes of confidence. You're great!


ivars krafts said...

CONGRATULATIONS Diane!!! Wonderful news & great inspiration for you, I'm sure. Keep us posted about English 101.

Jane said...

I am not surprised, especially with your writing skills. You are a gifted writer!! Enjoy college!!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Way to go Girlfriend.

P said...

That's wonderful! It's exciting to go back to school. I'm sure you'll do great . . . and you already have at least one perfect score!

Jayne said...

You smart girl you! We knew all along! Congratulations Diane!

beloved said...

I knew you would be surprised! Will you ever truly know what an incredibly beautiful person God has made you?

Sidney Trobairitz said...

And I am not surprised, either. Now, if I could go back to school and study WAY out of my comfort zone (anatomy, physiology and pathology, not to mention kinesiology) YOU dear one will find English and related subjects a very tasty dish indeed.

Diane said...

Thanks for the shot in the arm, Sidney! You, especially, have been an inspiration to me and one that has made my attempt look feasible. Thank you!