Saturday, June 5, 2010

Two Birds on the Same Page!

This photo is really poor and probably shouldn't be posted at all. When I ran to get my camera, I found the short lens was mounted on it. So, it was either change the lens and lose the shot ,or take the shot and hope to get something. Well, I got it ;)  
I didn't know what this bird was until I looked it up - female Red-breasted Grosbeak. I was so excited!
Later in the evening, I was out in my yard and saw another bird of which I wasn't sure. 
It was a Spotted Towhee - I haven't seen one in a long time. He was sitting in the branches of the rhododendren bush - very shaded. 
But, then, he got brave and jumped out right on to the driveway in front of me! His red eyes really sparkle in the evening sun!
When I looked in my Kaufman Field Guide, to check the identification of the Towhee, (because I get his name mixed up with the Varied Thrush), it wasn't hard to find him because, interestingly, he was on the same page as the Red-breasted Grosbeak! Funny how things happen sometimes ;)

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