Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Deer In My Backyard

I raced out feeling like I, too, could leap like a doe.
I saw one pass my kitchen window -
could hardly believe it!
They hardly ever come to my yard.
They realized they were stuck.
Jump the fence in the direction of the barking dog,
try to run past the human with the "gun."
(I had my 250mm lens)
They chose to try to get past me!
There was only 1 1/2 times the width of the driveway between us.
I was amazed!
Even at that close proximity,
the grace with which they made their escape
was breath-taking....
(Canon Rebel Xsi, 250mm lens, very little cropping - 06-01-2010)


Samuel said...

Great photos! I love seeing deer.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a fantastic experience.Now you have lovely pictures to remember this time.

P said...

How exciting! It's great that you had your camera close by!