Friday, June 4, 2010

Surprise Sparrow Shots!

Yesterday, at the park, I was changing my lens after taking some close shots of a bumble bee having a grand time in a rhododedron blossom ( I will post them at a later date). I had been using the 18-55mm for raindrops and textures, but I wanted to switch to the 250mm for some long shots.
Some fluttering caught my attention about 12 feet up the path.
I knew it was a sparrow-type bird, but couldn't see it very clearly because it was somewhat back-lit. I aimed and took some shots, not certain that they were going to be anything to blog about. The glare on the LCD really doesn't give me an idea of what I've gotten sometimes.
Anyway, it turned out that I was photographing a White Crowned Sparrow and that was neat because I have one that frequents my feeders.
At the same time, I saw another fluttering on a rock close by, and I'm really into getting action shots these days, so I aimed and took some shots.
It turns out that the bird on the rock was a juvenile - really young - looks wet behind the ears, I guess you could say - and I think he looks a bit disgruntled.
Before I put the camera down, the first bird I had seen, joined the party on the rock! It was his mother and she had a seed for her baby! (I'm supposing he was disgruntled because he was hungry)
I think she must be trying to get her beak back, but he's so hungry, he won't let go! ;)
Anyway, it was a wonderful surprise to come home and find these photos on my flash card! It was pretty lucky, I guess you could say, because it certainly didn't have anything to do with my expertise intentionally setting controls on the camera! 
Oh happy day! ;)

(Canon Rebel Xsi, 250mm lens, cropped - 06-03-2010)
Click to see an enlarged view ;)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Don't you just love it when things work out like this? That feeding looks like serious business.

Samuel said...

Wow! Amazing photos!

Diane said...

Thank you Ruth and Samuel! Have a wonderful weekend!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Diane, Love your Sparrow pictures. Seeing the little ones get fed is always so much fun. You captured some great shots of them...

I can't wait 'til Daddy Cardinal brings his babies to our deck to teach them to eat at the feeders. The babies just shake all over and sound like a tiny tingly bell. SO cute..

Hope life is going well for you.