Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mulch in Rows and Eagles and Crows

I know it isn't the greatest photo, in fact, I think it was the one shot through my van window this morning. I drove down a road I hardly ever travel, these days. I was actually thinking I might see a hawk on a phone wire.
I have never seen anything like it - those mounds are long, long rows of mulch that stretched the length of the field - a field which would normally be plowed and ready for planting - and they are about 5 ft. high!
As I came over the hill, driving on a very narrow country road, the sun was on my right, and I could see these mounded rows and the activity of what turned out to be the silhouettes of HUGE birds - lots of them! By the time I got close enough to see what was going on, got my van stopped (in the middle of the road), opened my window and got the camera aimed, there were about a dozen eagles taking flight into the morning sun! It was a heart-stopping sight.
I was lucky enough to get this one decent shot - it all happened so fast. As it turned out, there were also about 20 very big crows or ravens - all very big birds. Talk about an adrenalin rush first thing in the morning.
There's no way to tell you what it meant to me to see an eagle this morning, (let alone a dozen of them), AND a rainbow (I mustn't forget to mention)- but, suffice to say, the timing was... incredible.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

God's ways are perfect and He put these birds in this place so you could see them.I really believe He gives us these special treats from time to time.

Diane said...

He is good, isn't He, Ruth?

Jayne said...

What a sight THAT must have been! Lucky you!!