Friday, April 9, 2010

I Love Spring!

The Cherry Tree is beginning to burst into amazing blossom-ness. The snow white clusters are stunning against the blue skies of Spring.
The sight simply makes my heart want to burst into song!
The bird houses are being claimed - one by one. I see birds carrying bits of nesting material into the little cavities.
The dawning of the day resounds with hundreds of voices and songs.
No matter what yesterday was like, nor what is facing me in the day, those moments of avian arias carry my soul into a different world - where all is well - for the birds do not worry about all the things we worry about. They are well acquainted with their Creator
who loves them and takes care of them - all the time.
(photos by di - 04-09-2010 - Canon Rebel Xsi, 1/1000, ISO 400, Tv)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

If only we could learn to trust our Father so well.The birds do have a lesson for us or should I say me.The Cherry Blossoms are so pretty.Have a beautiful weekend.

Jayne said...

So beautiful Diane! It is just so good to see GREEN again! :c)