Saturday, April 24, 2010

Colors and Surprises of Spring

There's such a wealth of color in these Spring days;
from the floral purples....

...oranges and yellows... the stunning mating plummages of the birds!

I saw my first eastern bluebird this year and was able to get a few quick shots at him.
I have longed to see one in real life since I became acquainted with it on Jayne's blog last year.
I was not disappointed. It is the sweetest little bird
and, as is often the case,
the timing was perfect.

(photos taken by Di with Canon Rebel Xsi - 250mm and 50 mm - April 2010)


Jayne said...

Oh, he's beautiful Diane! Love seeing your blooming things too! Happy Saturday. :c)

Diane said...

Thank you Jayne - You're fast! I actually reposted his picture after cropping it a little more. Have a good weekend!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful pictures.The Bluebird is such a gentle looking bird.