Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pine Cones and Sunflowers

I've always wondered, "What happens to pine cones?" I've seen them on trees and the next time I see them, they are, obviously open, laying on the ground. Of course, I could have googled it, but never had.
On my walk today, the sky was cloudless, the sun deliciously warm and the breeze just on the fresh side of warm - you know, the kind that makes you wish you didn't have to exhale when you breathe it in because it feels so good!
I was enjoying the change in the landscape canvas. It's like the paint brush is reloaded every night and more of the new picture is being revealed every day!
I was listening to the birds and thinking that some of the songs were reminiscent of songs I used to hear as a girl in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
I was lost in a world of senses when suddenly a breeze came across the road and I heard a sound I'd never heard before! Not the sound of leaves, green or colored when blown by a breeze. Not the sound of wood on wood when branches are moving. It was more like a lot of something - delicate, crisp, almost musical.
I stopped to look and there was a shower of pine cone seeds dancing from the very top of this tree!
Another breeze and another shimmering shower of fawn colored wisps - carried along, catching the sunlight, and joyfully "clicking" each other on their way to the ground. I stood mesmerized for a few minutes.
I tried to take a picture, but the top of the tree was just too far away for the iPhone to capture it clearly and the seeds too tiny and moving too quickly.

I continued my walk, and was distracted again - this time, by these sunflowers! Today, all of the colors and sounds of my world are spectacular! I hope hope they are wherever you are too!


eileeninmd said...

Nice post, and I lvoe the sunflowers.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

The sight of the pine cone seeds you are describing is just what I saw the other day.It took me a few minutes to figure out what I was seeing.The joys of nature!

Jayne said...

We have lots of tall pines in the tree line behind our house and I see the hundreds and hundreds of seedlings which spring up where ever they land trying to become the tall beautiful tree that gave them life. ;c)