Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mr. Kitty

Every once in a while, a little life comes across your path and, even though you can't explain it, you just click.
His name is Mr. Kitty, even though he's just a kitten and my daughter would rather name him "Fez". He was born here this spring and was supposed to have been adopted. He came back to us about 3 weeks ago because his owners were going on a trip. I was sure that my daughter would be the "kitty-sitter", so I had no problem with him being here for a few days.
What I wasn't counting on was how the kitten would deal with the temporary situation. He followed me everywhere. He jumped up on my lap while I was working at the computer; would look up at me, close his eyes and fall asleep on my lap! It didn't take long for me to lose my grip and he was able to adopt me with no resistance on my part.
When his owners came to pick him up, I was a little sad, but, "hey!", they're family and I can see him whenever I want to. So, off he went.
A few days later, I got a call. The kitty isn't working out in the neighborhood. Some lady was complaining that this little kitty was really disrupting the lives of her indoor cats, and the question was put to me, "Do you want the kitty back?"
Well, you guessed it. He's back and he is quite a little character. My son and I have been sitting in my bedroom for about 45 min laughing so hard because of Mr. Kitty's antics. He is so funny, and yet, he is so affectionate too.
I haven't "owned" a kitty for over 30 years. Wasn't interested in them, either. I never would have thought that I would connect with a kitty like I have with Mr. Kitty. But, this little one has stolen my heart - at least, the part made for kitties.


Jayne said...

So glad that he wiggled himself into your heart before you were asked to please adopt him back! :c)

Jane said...

Just another one of season's of life changes!! We can never guess what the Lord will bring into our lives, when we least expect!!

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

I think the first visit was just a test run. He was meant to be yours!

Diane said...

I'm smiling, Lynne...I think you're right! Have a great weekend!