Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sweet Surprise

This morning I woke up with a heart full of wonder and joy. Several hours of good sleep help, I'm sure, and the March morning sun is glorious! I am dancing inside, smiling on the outside - and all that before coffee ! ! !
As I was messing around in my kitchen, I looked out at the feeding station - which is a common habit I've developed. There has not been much going on - nothing new to report. But, this morning, in my happy frame of mind, I couldn't believe what I saw!
I've posted quite a few months ago about a Varied Thrush that had come to visit once in a while. It was so much fun to see him show up randomly because, apparently, they are rare. Unfortunately, one day he met his demise with my window - AFTER I had put up decals! ! ! I was very sad that day. I didn't think I would see any more here.
Well, in the midst of my happy morning, and in the midst of days and days and days of pine siskins, another Varied Thrush came to visit and the thrill to see him surprised me too! I was beginning to wonder if the joy of birding had somehow gotten buried with all the snow. There hasn't been much going on from day to day for a long time, and I thought I was getting used to birds - how sad that would be! But, this morning, I discovered that is not true :) and I am very happy to post these photos of the New Spring Varied Thrush!
(I hope there are special surprises for each of you today - whether birds or otherwise!)


Lynne said...

Beautiful photos Diane. I'm so glad the thrush came by and added to your happy day.

Diane said...

Thank you Lynne for the compliment - Its always wonderful when my little camera catches it somewhat nicely :)
you have a happy day too!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Love the Varied Thrush.And yes I could certainly use a happy surprize right about now,been going through a very difficult time.

Diane said...

I will pray for you Ruth - may you be surprised by His presence around you today - hugs

Richard said...

Great pictures. Never seen this bird. Now I just need some warmer weather to brighten my day...:-)

Leedra said...

The Varied Thrush is pretty. The last photo is excellent. Glad you were able to capture him so well, so you could share him with us.

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Jayne said...

WOW Diane! He is exquisite!!! I'd have peed my pants! Lucky you! :c)

Diane said...

Richard, spring IS coming - hang in there!
Leedra, thanks for the compliment - I was very pleased to get his photo!
Jayne, I just about did I was so excited!

Kallen305 said...

Gorgeous bird!!!! Very lucky to have it in your yard and to get a picture no less.

ivars krafts said...

Thank you for sharing your photos. You really got close to it! Looking at one of my guides, I may never see one unless I head west. Thank you also for your commentary.

Diane said...

You're welcome Ivars - thank you for visiting and commenting. Yes, you would have to head west - but it would be worth it as there are lots of other birds that are only in this region.