Monday, March 2, 2009

Sun Swans and Symphony

The March Sun can be so enchanting! Today it was beautiful giving us a near 60 degrees temperature! Every living cell seems to reach for more singing at forte* strength -
"Give me more warmth, more light, more life!"
and the antiphonal chorus in pianissimo* -
"How sweet, how rich, how lovely..."

In the late afternoon, the air felt like warm milk. There was no chill, no movement, no contrast of any kind - just balmy, smooth, delicious warm air.
That's what I walked into when I saw the Trumpeter Swans had returned to the field across the road from our house. As I walked all the way through the field, my senses were alive and taking in every detail of sight, sound, feeling. It was one of those experiences I wished wouldn't have to end, making me think that I could walk forever and ever and ever - andante*.
The swans must have been feeling the same as I. They didn't seem disturbed by my presence. I ventured as close as I could, watching their heads come up one by one. They called to each other sounding like the brass section of the orchestra tuning up for the big performance. Oh the indescribable feeling of being so close to such magnificent birds!
I got some shots, but I was so wrapped up in the whole experience, I barely remembered I even had the camera! At one point, a few of them lifted up into the air, and oh, the sound of their feathers pushing against that warm sweet air. I wondered if they felt it like I did.
There are some moments that are unforgettable. Today it was the March Sun, the Trumpeter Swans, the evening, the air. Everything in Time and Space coalesce to create the perfect symphonic experience; which experience, neither Time nor Space can themselves erase.

forte* - loud and strong
pianissimo* - very softly
andante* - moderately slow and even


Lynne said...

Diane, reading this post this evening made me feel like I was there! Such lovely writing.

I understand what you mean about sometimes forgetting the camera. As much as I love taking and having photos, it can feel like it gets in the way of my connecting with what I'm watching.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a beautiful experience.Glad you got some pictures,but there are times when one just needs to absorb the scene.


Diane said...

Thank you Lynne - I appreciate your kind words!
Yes, Ruth, sometimes the camera just has to take second place :)

ivars krafts said...

How wonderful that the Trumpeter orchestra came back. I'm so happy for you. And envious of your warm weather (we should get into the 40s by the end of the week). Keep up your great writing!

Leedra said...

The few photos you did take will always be a reminder of the day and what you felt.

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Diane said...

Thank you Ivars for your encouraging words. 40's is better than 0! Bless you ;)

Diane said...

Thanks Leedra - may I compliment you on your beautiful photography! You are an inspiration :)

SK and Family said...

What a beautiful post. :)

Jayne said...

We'll be in the 70's this weekend!! I love how this post makes us feel as if we were right there beside you Diane. What a happy, happy day. :c)

Diane said...

Thank you Katherine and Jayne - your comments are so encouraging :)
Have a wonder filled day!