Wednesday, March 18, 2009


March Morning Mountains
When I awoke this morning, the first thing I saw was the moon in its 3rd phase. It was shining in my window and its light was reflecting off of a few clouds that were close by.
It was so beautiful, I stood in awe.
Later in the morning, it just kept getting better! The sun on the snow on the mountains was shining so brightly! Absolutely gorgeous!

March Mourning Doves

Later in the afternoon, I had two unusual visitors. A beautiful pair of Mourning Doves came into the yard and stayed a while. I only got one photo before they flew into the next yard - but, I can hear them, even now. Such a contrast from yesterday!

** If you'd like an enlarged view of the photos, just click them :) **


Leedra said...

The mountains are gorgeous, so nice to see God's beauty so clearly.

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ivars krafts said...

You live in such a beautiful environment! -- and I am glad you are appreciating it.
The mourning doves are among my favorite birds. I have wonderful childhood memories of them cooing outside my bedroom window.

Jayne said...

Such a beautiful sight outside your window Diane. Just breathtaking!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Love,Love,Love the mountain scenes.That must be a wonderful way to start the day.'I will lift up my eyes unto the hills.'

Diane said...

Yes, Ruth - they always take my attention to Him :)