Monday, January 4, 2010


Once upon a time, one year ago, I took the above photo. It was a sunny day, believe it or not, and I remember being pleased (somewhat) with the photo. I want to say that I had a love/hate relationship with my Canon Power Shot A430 (big name for a little point and shoot). You all cheered me on and, I am thankful for the photos I could get with it (but was never totally happy with them).
Well today....
Oh yeah! It was even raining at the moment I took these shots!

I was having a blast getting the first shots with the Canon Rebel with 250mm lens - I couldn't get the flash card into the computer fast enough!
I LOVE IT! ! ! WOW! These pictures are only cropped - no other editing - I am absolutely thrilled! So, now begins the fun!
ps. Just thought you would like to know, that based on my success last quarter, which you all were a part of (official grade - 4.0 in Eng.101), I got brave and registered for two classes this quarter - Art101 and Psychology101 - both online. Thank you all for cheering me on! Boy! I just thought, it is it going to be difficult to focus on studies with this camera sitting on my desk! (no pun intended)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Good equipment makes good photos that much easier to get.These are great.

Diane said...

Thank you, Ruth. It is amazing to me! Bless you too!

Jayne said...

Look at you girlie!! WOW! Big difference, indeed. :c)

Hmmm... methinks with mom getting 4.0, the pressure is ON! Congratulations!

Diane said...

Thank you, Jayne :) Yeah, the pressure is on ME too! It's good to keep things interesting.