Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two New Visitors Today

I was so surprised to look out and see the red flash! A Downy Woodpecker arrived and hung around until I could get my camera! (I have envied my Minnesotian friends who have so many throughout the winter!) And, by the way, it is Jayne's recipe that kept him interested! :) This first picture was taken through my window - I figured one shot through a window was better than none. Then I opened the window, and sure enough, he flew into the trees. I don't know how far the trees are from my kitchen window or how high up he flew, but believe me, it is far! Wondering what kind of photo I could get at that distance, I shot - leaning my body against the window casing.
"Not bad," I thought!
When I looked back at the feeders, to my greater delight...
the first pine sisken of the year!
They are so cute!
Yesterday, a northern flicker was in the yard for about 5 seconds. How handsome they are in flight!
I've been buried in studies and loving every word and assignment, but, not much time for blogging, I'm afraid. I am thankful to catch the few moments today to enjoy taking pictures of new birds. But, I'd better hit the books, now!
Hope all is well with everyone!


ivars krafts said...

Great photos with your new gear! I have not seen any Siskins yet this winter -- probably too cold here!

Diane said...

Thanks Ivars! I enjoy discovering what the new gear can do!

Jayne said...

Is that Julie's Zick dough Diane? They do love it, that's for sure! I have a Downy to post later this week. They are such sweet little birds. We don't have any Siskins this year, thankfully. The huge flocks last year gave me my fill!

Diane said...

Yes, Jayne, it is! They really do like it a lot!