Friday, July 31, 2009

The Oregon Grape

This morning, I was walking from the community college parking lot to the Student Services Building for an appointment with a Student Adviser. Yes, I am working my way through the maze of appointments and red tape paperwork with a view to re-entering college after a 31 year break.
That's a story in itself, but what I wanted to post about was this beautiful plant that was growing in the landscape all along the pathways of the college campus.
I've seen this shrub many times, but have never been certain what it is, so today I decided to do some research by names that I thought it might be and sure enough, it is the Oregon Grape. After identifying it from the photo I had taken (with my iPhone), I looked it up in Wiki and found out all kinds of interesting facts about it that I never knew before.
The Oregon Grape is related to the Barberry, not grapes.
Its very hardy, drought resistant and the berries attract the birds.
It is edible, though not very sweet.
It can be made into jellies and wine, if a lot of sugar is added.
The root has many medicinal properties - the two most noted being anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.
And, besides all that, it makes a beautiful and useful landscaping plant requiring little maintenance! Sounds good to me!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This looks like a pretty plant.Thanks for doing the research.

Lynne at Hasty Brook said...

Thr Oregon Grape bush(?) is really pretty.

Now what's this about college!!!

beloved said...

Oh... Wow... Beautiful... I can almost reach out and touch them. Extraordinary color and perfect, plump shape. Little round things...

Jayne said...

How pretty! And you're going back to school? Let's hear about that!