Tuesday, April 7, 2009

WOOO - HOOO! ! ! ! ! ! ! SPRING NEWS! ! ! ! !

Today is the first day the little birds have started pulling cotton for their nests! I'm soooo excited! I love to watch this activity. They come and pull and pull until they get a huge amount of fluff in their beaks - I don't know how they can see where they are flying! Its adorable! I love the whole idea of them weaving it into their nests and then lining the inside of it with these soft white fibers.
A couple of years ago, when we were trimming the hedges, we found several nests (There must be over a hundred nests in there!) lined with the cotton. I LOVE IT! ! ! !
If I remember, the balls are not that expensive and I have no problem thinking it is money well spent. I get to enjoy hours of watching the birds use it, and I don't know how many momma birds and their babies that benefit from it too! :)
This year, my cotton balls were given to me at Christmas. A huge thank you to Rebekah - I'm still enjoying all the treasures you packed in that one box!

** You can click on the photo for an enlarged view**


Rebekah said...

GOOD photo! You got her with cotton in her mouth! =)

Lynne said...

I'll put nesting material out again this year too. It IS fun to watch. I'd better hurry up!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

What a great idea to help the birds construct their nests.I usuallt put out string for the Orioles.

Jayne said...

How wonderful! I have one, but have yet to see a bird grab some nesting material out of it like this sweet house finch in your photo!

Diane said...

Enjoy ladies! Spring is a wonderful time of year :)

Leedra said...

What a ball of cotton!

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Txlonestargal said...

That is cotton isn't it? Where to you get something like this? I haven't seen them here in Texas and we grow the stuff. :) Or can you find instructions online? I just need to know what it is called.


Diane said...

Hi Tx. yes, its cotton and here's a link to a where you can get them - they're not expensive and so much fun to watch!