Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy Day

It was a beautifully busy day at the feeders today! Two mourning doves came back to visit a couple of times today. I finally was able to get the camera and some shots before they flew away this afternoon. They are so sweet - and I really enjoy their presence at the station.
Then this gregorious house finch came. I could tell right away that this guy had attitude. He coloring is brilliant right now and he is feeling like the world of bird seed belongs to him! The photo below is a moment when he was interacting with another bird. There was a lot of fluttering going on - I'm wondering if it is a female house finch?
The trees and hedges are fairly vibrating with the sound of bird songs and the feeders are needing to be filled about every other day now! ! ! I can't help but dance inside for joy at all the excitement! What a beautiful time of year!
**Click on photos for an enlarged view**


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yes,what a beautiful time of year.The male Finch is indeed interacting with a female.

Kallen305 said...

Love the photos. The finches are so cute!

Jayne said...

What a wooer, that male! :c) I love the description of the trees vibrating with bird song. What a great way to explain the sound.

Diane said...

Thank you ladies :) seems like everything is 'twitter-pated' this time of year!
Jayne, I walk out me back door and its amazing! The sound makes me wish I could see how many birds are actually in the branches and I wish we didn't have so much traffic on the road, otherwise I would record it because it is simply phenomenal!

Bird World Blog said...

Great photos!

Diane said...

Thank you for the compliment Bird World Buddy! Have a great weekend!