Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sweet Treat!

It was busy this morning at the feeders again! So much activity! A pine siskin was on the cotton ball I had put out yesterday, and I watched to see if she was going to start 'pulling' fluff out.
For an extended period of time, she was busy with something else. She had a seed. I couldn't believe all the attention she gave it. She picked it up, twirled it around in her beak, put it down and did that over and over again! I just happen to have my camera there, and got a bit of it for you to see.
Notice also, the handsome robin coming out of the background! Enjoy! and may your hearts be filled with the joy of the new spring songs in your backyards!


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

A video is a great idea.Your birds are busy.

Diane said...

Thank you Ruth!

Jayne said...

Great video Diane! Yes, soon they will all really be busy with nest building. :c)

Anonymous said...

It's so neat to watch the robin walk up--I guess he/she ate seed from the ground?


Diane said...

Hi Katherine! yes, the robin was a beautiful site! They eat worms... obviously,lots of them! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Leedra said...

Enjoyed the video. I have not thought about cotton balls, I assume for nesting.

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