Monday, February 2, 2009

Plant Suggestions, Anyone?

The weather can be deceiving here on the Olympic Peninsula at this time of year. Since we don't get a huge amount of snow - sometimes none at all - and the temperatures stay between 30 and 45 degrees, you can often think that Spring is right around the corner.
The garden nurseries bring in quite a few 'winter flowers' - primroses, pansies, etc. and then there's the whole selection of 'bare root trees'. So the gardeners here are busy planting quite early in the year! We can even grow some vegetables all winter and lots of seeds have been put in the soil already - lettuces, spinach, kale, sweet peas soon.
I am thinking about Phase II of the Bird Sanctuary Dream and because everyone here is gearing up for planting, I thought I would take a 'Survey' of sorts. Here's my question:
~~What is your experience with plants/flowers that the birds enjoy?~~
What do you recommend for 'food providers' all throughout the year? I'll look forward to any suggestions you might have :)
I haven't been posting much lately because things are pretty quiet at the feeders. But, as soon as anything comes up, I'll be sure to let you know! Thanks for being such an encouraging flock of friends! Have a beautiful day!


Jayne said...

I am not a very great gardener, so I'll leave those suggestions to people who really know what to suggest. :c) Other than the pine siskins and goldfinches, my feeders are rather quiet too Diane, but things will be picking up really soon. Have a beautiful day.

Lynne said...

The best bird magnet for me has been purple coneflower. They're easy to grow and the goldfinches in particular love the old seedheads. I never dead head the flowers and the birdies eat them up.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

My first thought was the Purple Coneflower.Things are quiet here as well.I can hardly wait for more birds and warmer weather.

Diane said...

Thank you ladies :)