Monday, July 19, 2010

My Song Sparrow Series

I haven't blogged in so long! I can't list all the things that I've been occupied with, but there hardly seems to be enough hours in the day or enough energy to do all that could be done.
I haven't lost my love for birds, or photography, for that matter. I've been quite busy with both and want to post a bit of a series over the next few days about something that I've been following this summer.
I've been acquainted with the House Sparrow for a long time, and met the Chipping Sparrow in my journeys this year, but this spring, I've discovered a few more sparrow species that live here. The White Crowned Sparrow and the Savannah Sparrow are plentiful in this area. Maybe I just never noticed them before, but I've enjoyed taking many photos of both species this year.
On May 12th, I posted the following photo. I wrote that I had a difficult time identifying the bird. I thought it may have been a sparrow, but was so confused, I even thought it could have been a female blackbird for a while! After quite a few more photos and reading, I learned that it is a female Song Sparrow - very common in this area, from what I hear, though I had never noticed one in my yard before.
The little bird has enchanted me from the beginning. For quite a while, she was the only one, like herself, visiting the feeders. She is almost chocolate brown on her back, speckled down the front, a gray eyebrow and her tail often sticks up making her look alert and industrious. She minds her own business; eats from the feeders or the ground, and is very regular at the feeders. For some reason, she reminds me of old fashioned times and always makes me smile when I see her fly in.
(Tomorrow's post - What happened on July 3rd?
oops! I meant July 4th!)


Jayne said...

Oh, and the song they sing! They aren't called Song Sparrows for nothing. Nothing sweeter to the ears. :c)

P said...

Great picture! I love the little song sparrows.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Good to hear from you Diane.
There are so many different Sparrows and each one has it's own special patterns.The Song Sparrow has a beautiful song,as I'm sure you know.Looking forward to the next posts.