Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lost for Words? or Lost for Birds?

I feel badly that my blogging has been so sporatic lately. Part of it has to do with the craziness of life these days and feeling a little lost for words (or is it "lost for birds?").
I've written about sunsets, the sky, trees, flowers, and Mr. Kitty; but there have been very few bird posts. A few house finches still come to the feeders - the rare gold finch, but no chickadees, and not even sparrows!
There are plenty of birds in the area because I can hear so many different songs, some of which I don't recall hearing here. When I go for my walks or get the mail or stand out on my deck, it seems like the trees are filled with birds - but I don't see many of them.
So, I thought I would jot a short post to let you all know that I'm ok, but I don't have much to write regarding my Bird Sanctuary.
I am enjoying my English 101 class and doing well, so far. ;)
The world around me continues to glow with the autumn sun and fall colors. I wish autumn days were longer; in fact, I wish the autumn season was longer!
I hope you are enjoying your yard and the area where you live and watch birds, and that your feeders are full and fluttering all the time! :)


Jayne said...

I wish this time of year lasted three months or more too Diane. I love the respite from the oppressive heat, and having the screen door pulled with fresh breezes through the house. So glad to hear school is still going well. Come winter, the feeders will get more busy.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Good to hear from you.As for the birds,they are very few right now.We need to enjoy whatever nature is around,and Autumn is such a beautiful season,so enjoy.
Hope your Sunday is filled with blessings,

Richard said...

The birds will come when it gets colder and their food supply dwindles.

Diane said...

Thank you everyone! You're great! Have a sweet week! ;)